We were invited to a design meeting at Oceanair’s new headquarters in Selsey, West Sussex. We were shown the first stage design drawings of their exhibition stand for 2008. We were happy to advise on some design changes to enable easy cost-effective manufacturing.

The exhibition stand comprised of 4 free standing two-piece easel units, 2 bunk/seat base units with brochure storage, a back panel complete with an opening and fixings for a plasma screen and a curved overhead unit.


We tendered and won the contract to build the 2008 exhibition stand.

Several meetings on, with the design finalised, work started with just 6weeks to complete the build.


These free-standing Easel Displays are a neat and great looking display. Main panels were made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) with clear-coated carbon tubes and painted steel base plates.

The entire stand needed to be easy to assemble, take apart and fit into small boxes. We also needed to ensure that all the parts were interchangeable.

MDF formers were made for the easels top and bottom panels with our CNC router. GRP moulds were made from the formers and four products were formed from each. Inserts were formed to fit snugly around 76mm carbon tubes inside the panels.  4mm steel base plates were made complete with spigots to hold the carbon tubes at the correct angle. Each easel display panels has a fixing for the Oceanair products and a back panel was made to cover all the workings.

The bunk units are made from MDF vacuum formed over a timber frame. The top and bottom panels fixed in and access holes cut to form brochure storage. Each unit was filled, primed and sprayed in our in-house spray booth.

The main back panel and curved over-head unit were constructed from GRP using wooden moulds that were made at our workshop. Each panel had fittings for the Oceanair products and assembly fixings for the plasma TV and carbon tubes.

All the products were finished in white and branding applied.


The stand was made entirely in our workshops in Chichester utilising our wide range of knowledge and skills. We are very proud with the result. The customer said that “we are extremely pleased with Super Signs for completing the stand within the timescale required and keeping the quality to the highest of standards.”

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